August 30, 2010

oh, baby (page 1)

watercolour, gouache, metal leaf

my baby loves fire and guns
(this won't last, oh baby
this won't last!)
my best dresses are holes now,
charcoal and flame
(who knew dresses could burn so fast?)
i'm turning into something
i'm turning, turning blue
i'm having another glass of what
forgets me of you
you saved me, baby
and left my dreamy thoughts on fire
roaring coals on the breakfast table,
sheets of ashes when i'm tired.
you stand there burning, burning
your arms are open, your smile is true
i'm putting salve on my own burning hands
and looking for something 
to save me from you.
i'm stepping onto water,
i'm sailing from this shore
you're a light in the distance and i can't hear
those cracking flames any more.
i have new best dresses, baby
new rescuers, too
they wrap my hands and fill my glass
with what forgets me of you

August 16, 2010

illuminated "M"

watercolour, gouache

August 12, 2010

hunting book: oh, look.....!

(... a little somethin' from Tiffany's...)

August 04, 2010