March 13, 2010

small books: all roads lead to rome

small hand-bound accordion fold books 
6 pages, 2.75" X 3.75", edition of 60 copies
original art: watercolour and gouache
(text insert)

1. my place.
2. this is how to get to the lake, where i like to walk.
3. park here.
4. ok. this bridge isn’t there any more. it used to be a little 
wooden bridge that put you in mind of “The Three Billy Goats 
Gruff”. the new bridge is concrete, and iron. very... sturdy. if 
you’re the type to get nostalgic for Leningrad, circa 1961, the new 
bridge is the spot for you, comrade.
5. oh heavens. these big willows are gone, too. but this is still 
my favorite walk so i won’t dwell on it. though it was quite 
horrifying when they were cut down and for weeks after all 
you could think of was “this is where the big willows were!”
6. the truth is i’ve never seen a trireme on Kempenfelt bay.
7. the low path. not plowed in winter. it is always a great day 
when the snow melts in the spring and this path is open again!
8. the high path. it is also very nice of course.
9. these willows are still there. and there’s a little man-made 
island and lots of ducks and geese. one time i saw a blue heron 
fishing here -- like some Mesozoan remnant who had just 
flapped by to see if lunch was still being served in the 21st
9a. the fab floating dock! so cool! it’s not for the general public, 
but if you were thinking of joining the canoe club you might step 
out here just to see what facilities would be available to you... 
10. there are often crows sloping about in the trees here, 
raucous and shifty, depending on the day.
11. poison ivy! 
12. guys cruise along here sometimes. so it’s a bit weird to be 
walking along and realize there could be random, poison ivy-
ridden sex going on in the bushes.
13. this is the highway to the airport.
14. and this is the flight to Italy. 
15. Rome! (though this last page doesn’t happen every time i 
go for a walk. mostly i just walk back to my car and go home.)